Utility Audit

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Utility Audit

One of the ways we can help your business is through a utility audit, which involves a comprehensive review of your company’s utility invoices in search of opportunities to save costs. With the experience we’ve built over the years, we’ve learned where to look; billing, government programs, efficiency changes, the list goes on. With a few small steps or changes to how your energy consumption is managed both physically and financially, you can see a big change in how much you’re spending. What are some of the most common places we find savings?

Billing Errors

Errors happen, and when you’re sorting through all of your financial obligations or managing your overhead each month, it’s easy to overlook a few changes on your energy bill. At Enerpower, we’ll sit down and review every bit of your utility invoice to find those errors, and then we’ll work with you and the supplier to get them fixed. If these errors have been accruing over a number of months, this can mean impressive savings once they’re sorted out.

Tax Credits

As part of our mission to provide the best services, we keep up to date on energy related tax credits and a variety of other tax based saving opportunities. In some cases, we can even find credits at the local level. With a full analysis of your business, we can compare your qualifications against our extensive base of knowledge to see if you’re a match for any new credits.