Aqua Services

At Enerpower, we’re always looking for opportunities to help our clients reduce costs and manage their utilities. As we expand into water services, we’re invested in utilizing new technologies and systems to help clients conserve resources, monitor their usage, and protect them from sudden fluctuations in their systems.


Part of our effort to help conserve resources and better manage utilities involves implementing new technology. With the use of new valve technology, we’re able to maintain more stable pressure and flow. Based on air compression, this valve can increase savings by reducing the amount of air measured by water meters. That translates to lower utility bills and less water used overall.

We will also measure water consumption and apply technology that allows us to measure things like evaporation. By keeping track of how much evaporates and how much is actually sent to the sewage system, we are able to evaluate your water bill and potentially apply for evaporation credits. Again, this means you could be spending less each month on utilities.


As part of our proprietary platform, we provide a comprehensive monitoring solution that allows us to keep track of usage and watch for potential savings. Through metering, sensors, and other technologies, we're able to monitor your actual usage and suggest changes or apply for credits whenever we find opportunities for you to save.


We protect our clients by monitoring systems and implementing a series of rapid responses when trouble arises. Our system allows us to detect changes that may signify malfunctions, and respond by shutting down the system before it has a chance to critically fail. We then automatically alert the manager or engineer in charge of the system. If we can detect an issue before there’s water on the ground or ruined hardware, it means big savings on things like insurance and repair costs.