Reverse Auction

How Does It Work?

Reverse Auction

By utilizing our proprietary Reverse Auction system, we ensure that you are getting the best possible rates for your electricity and natural gas. Instead of manually hunting around for the best prices, we do the legwork of gathering qualified and reputable suppliers to bid on your business. How does it work?


We begin with a full consultation that involves an in-depth approach to evaluating market conditions specific to your facility locations. This helps us build a purchasing strategy based on tolerance for risk, budget, and market outlook. With an understanding of your goals going forward and your consumption habits, we’ll be better able to match you with suppliers that suit your needs. Afterwards, we’ll come to an agreement on the cost range you’re looking for.

The Auction

For the auction, we screen each provider for financial stability, the presence of experienced management, and a track record of trustworthy customer service before inviting them to participate. Once we’ve secured a list of exceptional providers, we can invite them to the auction at a date set by you.

Once the auction begins, you can log in and watch the auction as it happens. With businesses bidding lower and lower to acquire your business, the reverse auction allows you to actively see some of the best providers driving the cost of your future energy lower. At the end of the auction, you’ll be able to see the various bids and compare them against industry standards so you can see how much you’re really saving.

The End Results

At the end of the auction, you’ll be presented with the lowest offers. We’ll review these offers with you, and help streamline the signing process should you decide to go with one of the providers participating in the auction. Our goal is to ensure that you’re getting the best fit for your business at the lowest cost, and we’ll help you sort through the results to achieve that.